Didn’t it still happen?

So this is a question arose in my mind while thinking about Palin’s pregnant daughter…

However, this scenario appeared on the Episode Premiere of 90210 last night, and gave me something one which to ponder.

Harry Willson (Rob Estes & formerly on Melrose Place), is the new principle of Beverly Hills High. He comes in contact with an old flame/girlfriend. She practically throws herself at Principle Willson in from of his wife, Willson (Lauri Laughlin), with whom he has two children (one biological-we assume: Annie and one adopted: Dixon). I digress, While Principle Willson is hunting down his daughter Annie at her new found friend, Naomi’s “not so sweet 16 birthday party”, Naomi’s mother confronts Principle Willson that when they were younger she did not have an abortion when she found she was pregnant with their child. Rather, her parents had sent her away and she gave the child up for adoption,unknown to him. Principle Willson does tell his wife Debbie about his son, who is out there somewhere. She seems to take it well, but says something along the lines of:

My world changed when i found out that my husband had a child with another women… 

…So the questions is this: While many teens & adults have sex outside of marriage, why does it seem to only be a “problem” when someone gets pregnant? I’m not saying that its right by any means. Almost the opposite. Whether or not a baby was conceived as a result of sex i don’t believe should be the point. Like i said in my take on Palin’s daughter, that is the “consequence” of sex. But shouldn’t Debbie be just as distraught over the fact that her husband had sex with Mrs. Clark and who knows what else? 

What do you think???

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