Brock’s Update #3

Thanks for praying for Brock yesterday! We are so thankful he passed his physical exam! However, you can keep praying for us because Brock is scheduled to leave for boot camp/basic training on April 7th, 2009! We were hoping to get it done and over with quickly so he could find & job and we could move. We are not exactly sure what our plan of attack is going to be now from here on out.

As today is the 15th, we have not received any notice that someone is moving in to our apartment. So, while we enjoy living here, we will feel so much better when we can move out and aren’t financially tied down here at this apartment!

On to something funnier=


As i was driving yesterday to Brock’s swearing in, which was in LA, i almost had to turn off my air conditioning because the smog was so bad. As i came over a hill, i didn’t even realize there was a city there (being LA) because it was so smoggy & hazy. How sick is that?!

Secondly, i am starving because i hadn’t had lunch. I kept saying i would stop wherever was on the same side as i was driving. Of course, McDonald’s was the last place before the building i needed to go to! There is a lady in a mini-van in front of me. She is yelling out her window,:

Women:”A MEAL” , in broken English, “I want a MEAL”
Employee: “Miss, what kind of meal would you like?”
W: “Kid, KID ONE”
E: “Ok, a Happy Meal Miss?
E: “what kind?”
W: “What do you mean, what kind? I want happy kid meal!”
E: “Yes, i understand, but a burger? cheeseburger? chicken nuggets?”

So you get the point. This went on for about 7 min (I timed it), then when she got to the window, she changed her order, and couldn’t decide what gender the kids were that the meals were for (to determine the toy). WOW… worst experiences EVER! But i had to share, cause I’m sure this happens to everyone and it’s just frustrating!


2 thoughts on “Brock’s Update #3

  1. I wish I could have been there for Brent’s swearing in…glad my parents were able to though. That sucks about his training not being until April…we’ll be praying that the Lord makes your next steps clear to you both. In the mean time, see you soon…the time for our move is drawing nigh. Seems unreal! Hopefully you will be able to get out of your lease soon. Then we will both be living with your parents. Aaron’s younger brother just got back from Japan and is living back home with his parents until he finds a job…and if his older brother in Yuma sells their house any time soon they will be living with their parents…seems like the popular things to do…our poor parents, haha.

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