Brock’s Update #2

Brock’s Recruiter called him today. Almost all his background search/check and paper work has gone thru! Praise GOD! This certainly is a time where God has been testing my patience!! He goes in on Thursday for his physical, finishes his paper work, is sworn in, and decides when to go to Basic Training. WOW. I know we would be blessed to have you praying for us. Especially for Brock as he is not looking forward to the physical and especially any needles!?

We are praising God for providing thus far, but we are continuing to pray that this month our apartment is rented by someone else. HOWEVER, that means we have to be out by the 15th – FRIDAY. So this will be a really big week for us. We have most everything we don’t need packed up and are continuing to do so. But I’m nervous how this will all get done and out of here by Friday if that’s God’s will for us. (Which we hope it is!)

Well, that’s it for now. Thanks again. Deanna & Brock


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