A Picture Memoir #3 – Disneyland

We met up with Shawn & Laura and had fun at the park!

Dee & Laura having a cup of coffee –  I like my chair!

Welcome to our new home! @ Minnie’s House

Toy Story @ The Midway  – Shawn & Laura

Then we got to ride the Lilly Belle. It’s the caboose car on one of the trains. Only VIP guests get to ride in to. My mom’s cousin is one of the engineers on the train, so he let us have a ride around the park! Laura wrote a book about it… check her out for more info here…

Havin‘ a nice trip round the kingdom =)

We were really sad that our passes are expiring and we wont get to go again for a while. 
But we had a great last day at the park. 
-A fun lunch with the family at the Blue Bouy
-Fun on Cal Adv.’s newest ride
-Fun with friends
-And of course, FIREWORKS to end the night


One thought on “A Picture Memoir #3 – Disneyland

  1. It’s been way too long since I’ve been to Disney Land! …and yes, please email some pics of your size 8s…it’ll be fun to see them 🙂

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