Shoe are one of those thing i used to never be able to buy enough of…. But then you get married and things change. Boys don’t understand shoes OR purses OR clothes really for that matter. Why is that?

Anyway, i am cleaning out my closet (err… Shoe bin!) and found shoes i really don’t wear and can’t remember that last time i did! (Since i pretty much only wear my cons or rainbows now a days…) So if you are interested in any of my shoes, PLEASE, let me know and i will give them to you. So if you are a size 8 – 8 1/2, let me know if you want to know what i have. =)

Thanks, D

2 thoughts on “Shoes…

  1. If you’ve got some 8s to give, I’d love to look (only 5 weeks left!)…I just gave away most of what I had (only they weren’t so cute and pretty worn out) because I didn’t want to move with shoes I didn’t wear, so I’m in need of replenishing πŸ™‚

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