New Road…

While lately i have been getting slightly anxious about what is going to happen, i feel God has truly brought me peace about where He is leading us.

The latest update in our journey is that in a search to find a job, Brock found an add for the National Guard. There seemed to be lots of perks to this job.

  • I nice bonus upon the completion of boot camp.
  • Brock would get to be in the “Army” (a dream of his) without (HOPEFULLY!) going to “war”
  • Training in a new job field that he chooses
  • Money for higher education if he so chooses

WOW! Sign me up! So after some prayer and talking to our families, Brock is taking the test on Monday! Wow, that was quick. So we will See what happens. He hopefully will be able to choose a position he wants and then will be off to boot camp for 9 weeks. Then, depending on what other field he chooses, another 4-6 week training session.

This does seem like an answer to prayer and awesome timing. So we will see what the Lord has in store for us. We are continuing to pray for our apartment to be rented by someone else so we can end our contract. This would free up money for us to save. And then hopefully when Brock goes, if he does, to boot camp, i can move in with my parents.

So…that is the latest! But we are trusting God to lead and guide us. We appreciate your prayers.



One thought on “New Road…

  1. Hey Deanna! Of course you can add me…I’m new to the blogging world and I’m not sure how it all works yet, but I’ll figure it out eventually! – Lisa

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