Summer Time… when the livin’ is easy…

This summer has been fun!

  • We have gone to a few bonfires, 
  • Hit up Disneyland, 
  • BBQs and swimming at my parents, 
  • 1 Year Aniv trip to Palm Springs, 
  • Family trip to Nashville, 
  • Lake Arrowhead trip with Shawn and Laura,
  • New Favorite Date: BJ’s to go, books, some Mikes & a blanket at Laguna Beach
  • Fun movies with friends
  • Late nights at the park
  • Lots of walks to get ice cream & the book store
FUN!! But i know August is coming. Marking the ending of the long days, the warm weather, and fun days outside. 

But lots to look forward to too! The FALL! My favorite part of the year.

  • September, October, November & December. All months that are supposed to be cool/cold
  • Rain
  • Peppermint White Mochas with Red Sprinkles & CHRISTMAS at Starbucks
  • Warm blankets & Fireplaces with burning candles
  • Snow
  • Thanksgiving = Turkey & Stuffing (YUM!)
  • Christmas!
YEAH! I can’t wait for the fall and winter.  But I’m sad that summer is coming to a close. 

3 thoughts on “Summer Time… when the livin’ is easy…

  1. so i have this random thought, we should do a thanksgiving dinner for the four of us (not actually on thanksgiving day, but like that weekend or something. 🙂 i was just reading your post and i was thinking about fall. i kinda plan on making a t. dinner for shawn and i regardless, cuz i want to have the food that the smith family has traditionally. lemme know what you again the cabin trip was so fun!!

  2. Hi there! Long time no comment… I’ve been feeling much more myself as of late, and it occurred to me to ask about you guys and my dad said that you weren’t going to Ten. as soon as you were hoping. Don’t have anymore details so, when i have a moment, I will call you and get the updates…I am sad to hear that you have to put your dreams of going on hold…but am super glad thad that we will be able to see you for a while, hopefully!!! Getting to you know you better will be a pleasure 🙂

  3. The first of the year is still different then I thought…I thought you’d be gone by the time we got there in Sept. Whenever it happens to be, I’m just glad we’ll be able to see you before you go 🙂 …and that Justus will be able to meet his auntie and uncle too!

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