Beware when I’m in the kitchen!

After work today i decided i was hungry and Brock wouldn’t be home for a couple hours so i needed a snack. Pot stickers sounded really good. So i turned the stove on and started “cooking” away. I saw some potatoes i could make for dinner too, so why not just start now. (For some reason i always expect making mashed potatoes will take a LONG time, so i start early). I started peelin‘ and slicen‘ away. My ‘stickers started to smelled good, so i turned them. Wow! hadn’t burned them yet! Maybe this will be the day! Plopped my taters in the water and walo! We have “water-less” pots and pans, so my taters weren’t submerged in water. They usually only take a couple min, so i figured i had time to start something else after turning my stickers. DISHWASHER! I’ll get ahead of the dishes and start now—i HATE dishes. Half way thru i smelled my pot stickers. Opps, 2 sides burned, 1 good. At least the fire alarm only went off once! Oh well. I set them on a paper plate on the counter a good distance from my potatoes that were a cookin‘. Went back to my dishes. As i turned to put plates in the cupboard i saw my paper plate & napkin on fire! HOLY CRAP! I started blowing to try and get it out, but the “flames” grew and ash flew! I grabbed the tongs and popped my stickers into a bowl and threw the plate in the sink. I turned the water on since the fire got a little big and threatened to burn the plate till there was nothing left. SMOKE….. great, the fire alarm AGAIN. RUN RUN RUN, twirl the towel by the alarm, run back to the sink. *FEW* my fire was out! *sniff sniff*, what was burning now??? OH, the potatoes. The whole bottom of the pan was black, but the potatoes were done. So much for trying to use all the pans twice today without washing!

So now my snack is gone, (burned, but crunchy and warm so its OK!) and the mashed potatoes made an hour ahead of time. Next, the veggies. Hope those will be OK!


One thought on “Beware when I’m in the kitchen!

  1. haha…i almost burned our (my roommates and mine) kitchen down in Portland whilst trying to fry up some tortilla chips…no one trusted me around the stove for months!

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