Joseph, Brock & Jake Sharyl, Me and Gulianna Dan & Gulianna

5th of July Fire Works!
Sharyl, Justus, Ginger & Joseph
Nashville Science Center: Ginger & Grandma =)

Planet Movie: Grandpa, Joseph, Grandma

Grandma’s birthday lunch @ Ruby Tuesday:
Grandma, Gulianna, Sharyl

Gulianna isn’t so sure she likes Grandma….

until she gets the ice cream!
Sharyl & Me =)

Having lunch at the Mellow Mushroom: The boys… Chris, Justus, Joseph, Dan.


One thought on “Pictures!

  1. Great pictures!It’s difficult to say exactly what one thing has made us want to move…I think that the most important thing is that we feel a peace about it, and like it’s the right timing. Doors seem to be opening, so we’ll keep walking through them. I think being near family is one of the main draws…can’t wait to see you guys (even if it’s only for a short while!). Love you!

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