Family… and then some =)

Well, our trip is coming to an end. Or in some ways i hope it is! 

We landed in Nashville at 9pm last Friday, 4th of July. 24+ hours into our travels we finally were “home” in VanLeer, TN at my sisters house. It is so beautiful out there! They have +20 acres of rolling hills and woods. Daniel, my brother, and Brock we so stoked to be men in the wild. Saturday morning, the parents were still in Franklin at a hotel, so the boys went out with Chris, our brother in-law and Jakob, our oldest newphew. They went to the “back yard”, about 15 acres of foresty area, to go shooting with various guns. It was great to see them all come back and hang out on the poarch talking, cleaning guns, drinking iced tea and eating. It was so good to have the family back together again! We had a BBQ/4th of July/Mom & Dee B-day party that night. We had a great time setting off fireworks.The boys had so many they went off for a good hour or more. HUGE fireworks. We miss out on so much here in CA!

Sunday was girl/boy day. All the girls headed to the “city”, err Franklin & Cool Springs, for a fun day. Sharyl, Ginger and Gulianna met my mom and dad for a b-day lunch for my mom. My first time to Ruby Tuesday! Loved it! Next, dad left us and we went to get our nails done. So fun. Ginger’s first time. Next we went to Starbucks of course. Then headed back home after dropping mom off. We BBQed again and had a great night. Makes me miss my sister already. Guys had meanwhile worked on Jake’s quad and had nerf gun fights in the basement. 

Monday, my birthday, we went to the Science Museum in Nashville. It was ok. Then headed over to the Mellow Mushroom for Pizza!!! It was good. Drove around to properties and headed back to VanLeer.

Tuesday, Brock and i headed to Murfesborrow with mom and dad. Met with a home builder. Exciting!! Looked at more  properties with land. SCARY. Went home to VanLeer and had fun hanging out. Sad tho our trip is ending.

This morning we had thunderstorms, but thankful in a way to make it out of Nashville. So now were in Charlotte, trying to make our way home =)

Now we are praying for God’s guidance to see where we should go. We are very serious bout building a house out here. God seems to be opening doors there. And surprisingly closer to my sister then i would have hoped! So exciting. But its hard since we don’t know where Brock will get a job = home? So we need prayer.

Excited to come back to Cali!!! Here we come. 

One thought on “Family… and then some =)

  1. It sounded like your trip was wonderful…would have liked to see you all enjoying yourselves like that. Brent entered into an awsome family for sure! 🙂 Welcome home, and we will be seeing you soon. We’re moving to Yuma (September!)…we just decided! Our house is on the market (scary!)so we’ll have to come visit everyone in Cali with the new baby before you guys move away 🙂 At least wait for us to get there, haha! …and tell Brent he’s not the last to know…we just decided it 4th of July!

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