What to do… What to do…

Well i’m sitting here in the Long Beach Airport. I am trying to decide what to do. I forgot Pride & Prejudice- the good one with all the extra notes, at home. I was just realy into it and can’t find it in myself to start another book. But i guess i will have to. Anyway, we barely made it to the gate. Somehow our tickets didn’t get entered right (our friends work in PHX and were helping us). But thankfully the lady was really nice and helped us out and we are on our way. Now we are praying that when we get to phx at 11pm tonight we will get tickets to Charlotte, NC. There are only 8 seats left as of tuesday night. And then we should be in the clear from there to Nashville! But we’ll see. Were leaving ourselves plenty of time by taking this red-eye, just in case we get stuck in PHX. Which i hope we wont. BUT… it’s in God’s hands now =)Β 

Well, hopefully next time i will get to post fun pictures from our trip!Β 
Rock On!Β 
~ Deanna

One thought on “What to do… What to do…

  1. Hope you arrived safe and sound and didn’t get stuck at the airport!Have fun and say hi to your sis for me…I liked her sooo much πŸ™‚

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