The City that was Built on Rock-n-Roll!!!

Well, tomorrow night we are leaving for Nashville… Im getting scared! I haven’t packed yet and we are leaving after work tomorrow so i have to be ready at 8am! But i am excited. It seems i have been waiting forever to go! We have a very busy week planned and can’t wait for a little vacation!ย 

Anyway, Brock and i have been watching a new show called, “The Baby Barrowers”. Oh my goodness it is halarious! I love it. Its so funny! IF you haven’t watched yet, you should TIVO it!!ย 

Anyway, back to cleaning up the house and backing up!


2 thoughts on “The City that was Built on Rock-n-Roll!!!

  1. I haven’t seen that show yet, and I think I’m scared to…I think, as a mom, I might feel really bad that the couples would scar the kids they’re watching for life or something. it seems kind of cruel to put small children in the care of people who don’t know what they are doing for entertainments sake………buuuuut, I haven’t seen it, so I will refrain from actually judging the show, haha…it just makes me think of incompetent people making stupid decisions with Aloria. This is such a “mom” response…man, I make myself feel old! haha

  2. Wow, that show is fabulous. I agree with Vanessa, who lets their baby be a part of this?! I’d love to do this, but I think the only part I won’t be so into is watching someone else’s teen…yikes. Overall an interesting show. :)PS. Have fun in the COUNTRY music capital.

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