Other Old married peoples…

Tonight we went over to our friend’s Sara & Ryan’s house for a BBQ. This was a get together for our Young Marrieds Class from Church. At first i didn’t think i was going to like going to this class (we started going about a year ago). But i have really come to like all the couples in this class! I didn’t really feel like i “fit in” in the Calvary scene until college when i got really involved. So i was sad to leave and have to move on. I didn’t think i’d fit in here either. But it has been a really great experience for us! We have met some incredible people and we really enjoy spending time with these couples. We may not get together with everyone weekly outside of church, but when we do we have a great time. And all these people are people we can look to, to encourage us in our relationship and realize were not the only ones going thru this or that. So many times we have laughed to ourselves about “Wow! They fight about that too??” things! (anyone esle do that?) Anyway, it’s always nice to know were not the only ones! We have friends in this with us too! (Even blogging–Jennie!!!)Β 

So Anyway, i love our couples class and the people that make it up! I look forward to Sundays and sharing in everyones lives!!!Β 

One thought on “Other Old married peoples…

  1. Me too!!!! I have loved getting to know everyone too…plus I love reading your blog and getting to know you better because of that. I am selfishly sad (but happy for you) about your move. It will mean that you HAVE to keep blogging so I can keep updated with your life!

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