So I’m pretty excited. My sister told me about this company that builds homes and they are very reasonably priced. So of course i hoped on-line and looked them up! This company is so fabulous! There called Americas Home Place. So anyway, it has been really fun to look at house floor plans and see what we like and what we don’t. I’m so excited about this possibility. I mean, a BRAND spankin‘ new house on land we love, it’s just all awesome! But sometimes it’s hard not to get a head of your self and want more than you can have. I’m trying not to get carried away with wanting all the biggest, best, and newest things. I want to be content!! =) Anyway!!! 

Brock and i had a fun evening out tonight! We were going to go to a little Italian place we always go by at Laguna Beach on our way to BJ’s. But traffic was horrible and no places to park. We kept driving. Went to Javier’s in Crystal Cove. 2hour wait? Kept driving… Tommy Bahamas? No parking… So we ended up at Ruby’s in Corona Del Mar. It was great. I hadn’t been there for a while. We had fun driving around looking at the beach and taking in the sights! Sadly though, just like in Switchfoot’s song: Gone…
“Like Summer break is gone,
Like Saturday is gone…”

The weekend will be gone and over before we know it so i will enjoy Friday nights as they come. Thankfully…

Bono I’m glad you asked
Life is still worth living, life is still worth living…”

One thought on “Nashville…

  1. I wish I lived somewhere with a beach…I miss the water…or at least having the option of going there! HOpe we can come and visit soon. Justus is doing fine…eating like a fiend! Can’t wait for him to go and meat his aunt Deanna.P.S. Aloria wore the dress you gave her on her birthday…she was adorable.

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