Life sometimes…

Sometimes life is hard. It’s hot outside. Like really HOT. It’s hot INSIDE. Really HOT! It makes me crabby. It makes me tired. It makes me frustrated. I’m so hot. So sticky. It’s just gross! The fan is my best friend. =)

It’s funny watching the news with all these headlines… “Tomatoes”, “Gas Prices”, “Floods”, “Record Breaking Heat”, “Kids Caught Cheating in High School”, Etc… Crazy what is going on in our world isn’t it? 

Also, We are excited to welcome  our newest nephew Justus Aaron Knizley to our family!!! He finally arrived early this morning. Congrats Venessa, Aaron & Aloria!!! 

2 thoughts on “Life sometimes…

  1. thanks for adding me to your list! i totally forgot you had a blog! sorry! and i had to delete your comment … sorry, long story. but i will send you an update about the job situation ❤

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