Happy Father’s Day

I’m pretty sure not that many Fathers will read my blogg. But even so I just have to give an ode to my Dad. My dad is pretty much the greatest and coolest dad ever. My mom and dad adopted me when I was born. So kudos #1 for him! But really, ever since I was little I have admired my dad because he’s a great man. Not just a great person, but dad too. He’s done so many things that I look up to him for and respect about him. He’s a great leader in our church. He’s very humble about everything he does. He’s a successful business man. Wise, Caring, Loving, Passionate and Personal. Most kids think of their dad as being indestructible. But I think I first realized that he wasn’t when I was a teenager and he fell off his motorcycle in front me and my brother and broke some ribs. I honestly thought he had died. But he bounced back up (painful as that must have been!!!). A couple years later when I was in college I was sitting in class and I kept getting phone calls from my mom. Finally I answered and she said that my dad was hurt and in the hospital. He had broken every limb in his body, bloody and bruised.

This is another thing I love about him. Months later he got back on his motorcycle and has been riding ever since.

So I think that we don’t appreciate out dad’s enough. They are awesome! And I love my dad because he is the best!!!


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